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Specialist Database + Online Systems


Our software development skills make us an ideal provider of any one-off database design. We have worked on a wide range of database needs – from a complex Hire Business to a bookings and marketing system for a major Paintball Centre.

There is no limit to the databases we can supply for our main markets of small–medium businesses and departmental systems for larger organisations.



Our main databases are built using mainstream applications such as Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access, because, even now, these can be more sophisticated for a specific level of investment than web-browser software.

However, we do not ignore the huge importance of the web and other electronic tools. We can provide a range of website databases and order pages to suit clients’ needs and provide links with our main systems.

Our Website Databases
Our databases provide whatever functionality is required by either our clients or their web-designers. We leave the website design to specialists and concentrate on providing the necessary expertise and implementation for the database side of your website.

Plus our main “land-based systems” can be fully synchronised with any website database and order pages, providing for the required uploads and downloads of data.

Website Order Pages
We can implement orders pages for clients’ websites, linking seamlessly with each client’s main website. These can be run on a client’s own web server or our own secure server.

The order pages can be designed so as to be easily updated by clients themselves, to handle special offers and for separate categories of customers and prospects. Or we can do this site management work for you. Either way the designs will fully match your main website pages in look-and-feel.

Automated Card Payments Processing
We can provide a very cost-effective card payment processing service – allowing card payments for any credit and debit cards.

Web Order & Enquiry Downloads
These can be actioned at any time using our software – either automatically or manually.



We can link our software to any specialist email handler or software, or provide our own email program.

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